Video Surveillance

Incorporating video surveillance to your overall site security infrastructure provides the ability to use visual assessment during physical alarm conditions. When Access Control, or Intrusion Detection systems generate alarms, having the ability to call up camera views of the area can be an invaluable tool in determining the course of action.

In addition to providing proactive assessment, the video can be stored on a digital video recorder, for post alarm review, and evidence. Having watermarked, tamper proof video is critical to generating the forensic evidence that is admissible in court.

Just the mere presence of cameras can deter crime! Statistics point to major reductions in crime when cameras are installed.

Today’s Video Surveillance systems are generally composed of a Digital Video Recorder, and Network based IP cameras. These cameras come in a wide range of resolutions, with the high end in the multiple megapixel range. The clarity of this new breed of cameras allows for higher quality images, providing the best opportunity to identify the persons of interest, and other pertinent evidence, such as license plates of vehicles. With the ability to add web access to these systems, today’s security personnel can bring up a camera, from their mobile device, anywhere in the world.

In a crisis situation, objective, hard details are invaluable. Lost data, footage, or missed information leads to inadequate situation assessments and incomplete resolutions. For this reason, Alamo Integrated Systems, Inc. installs and operates a number of high end CCTV surveillance solutions and packages.

AIS’s systems are reliable and complete. Coverage from every angle, both before and after alarm trigger events can be easily and securely accessed anytime for your organization, internally or over the internet. Our systems are:

  • Live & Recorded
  • Securely Accessible via the Internet
  • Available on a point & click Mouse-Driven Interface
  • Intuitive, with automatic Event Frame Control Rates
  • Alarm Notification Capable

No industrial sized challenge proves too big for the experienced AIS engineering and installation team. Contact AIS today to set up your free on-site analysis and quote review.